Confirmed F-82 Twin Mustang Air-to-Air Kills in Korea

    The F-82 Twin Mustang played a significant role in the Korean Conflict as one of the first USAF aircraft to operate over Korea. Equipped with all-weather interceptors, F-82s shot down the first three North Korean airplanes destroyed by U.S. forces on June 27, 1950.

    Besides functioning as an interceptor, the versatile aircraft also performed as a fighter bomber and night fighter due to its radar equipment. Ultimately, the F-82s were replaced by Lockheed F-94B jet interceptors in 1952.

    Lieutenant Hudson’s F-82G Twin Mustang gunned down a North Korean Yak fighter in the early stages of the Korean War, as confirmed by the aircraft’s gun camera. This was the first U.S. aerial victory in Korea (U.S. Air Force photo)

    Throughout the war, F-82s achieved a total of 24 victories, including 4 air-to-air and 20 ground victories.

    Pilot / Radar observerSquadronDateAircraft destroyedRemarks
    Lt. William G. "Skeeter" Hudson
    Lt. Carl Fraser
    68th Fighter-All Weather Squadron6/27/1950Yak-11First U.S. aerial victory in Korea
    Lt. Charles B. "Chalky" Moran
    Lt. Fred Larkins
    68th Fighter-All Weather Squadron6/27/1950Yak-9
    Maj. James W. "Poke" Little
    Capt. Charles Porter
    339th Fighter-All Weather Squadron6/27/1950La-7Little was the Commander of the 339th

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