Soviet Pilots of the 64th IAK killed in action in Korea

Soviet Pilots of the 64th IAK killed in action in Korea

Between 1950 and 1953, the pilots of the 64th Fighter Aviation Corps (64th IAK) participated in roughly 64,000 individual combat sorties, resulting in a collective flight time of approximately 50,000 hours. They engaged in 1,872 air-to-air combats and succeeded in shooting down 1,097 enemy aircraft, comprising 642 F-86, 178 F-84, 121 F-80, 13 F-94, two F4U-5, 28 Gloster Meteors, 2 AD-1, 69 B-29, 30 F-51, 8 B-26, and two B-45 planes. They suffered losses of 319 MiG-15 and La-11 fighters, and over 120 pilots were killed in action.

A photograph taken by a gun camera capturing the moment when a USAF fighter is attacking a MiG-15. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Below is a record of the names of the pilots from the 64th IAK who lost their lives in combat:

1950-11-09CaptainGrachev. M.F.139th GIAP
1950-11-11CaptainNasonov. M.P.28th GIAP
1950-11-18CaptainTarshinov. A.I.139th GIAP
1950-12-04Senior LieutenantRumiantsev. K.V.29th GIAPRemains not recovered
1950-12-06Senior LieutenantSerikov. N.N.29th GIAPRemains not recovered
1950-12-07Senior LieutenantPavlenko. P.A.29th GIAP
1950-12-22Senior LicutenantBarsegian. S.A.177th IAP
1951-01-23Senior LieutenantGrebenkin G.M.29th GIAP
1951-03-17CaptainDubrovin V.M.72nd GIAP
1951-03-24Senior LieutenantSavinov, Iu.P.72nd GIAP
1951-04-03Senior LicutenantNikitichenko P.D.176th GIAP
1951-04-09Senior LicutenantSlabkin F.V.176th GIAP
1951-06-01Senior LieutenantStel'makh E.M.18th GIAP
1951-06-23Senior LieutenantNegodiaev. V.F.176th GIAP
1951-06-25Senior LieutenantAgeev, N.A.18th GIAP
1951-06-26Senior LieutenantArganovich E.N.17th IAP
1951-07-08Senior LieutenantObukhov. B.A.523rd IAP
1951-07-11Senior LieutenantLarionov. 1.196th IAPRemains not recovered
1951-07-11Senior LicutenantObraztsov. B.A.176th GIAP
1951-08-24LieutenantSvistun. G.K.523rd IAP
1951-09-02Senior LicutenantKolpikov, S.T.18th GIAP
1951-09-02Senior LieutenantAkatov, V.S.18th GIAP
1951-10-02CaptainMorozov. I.N.17th IAP
1951-10-23Senior LieutenantKhurtin V.N.523rd IAP
1951-10-26Senior LieutenantShebanov, F.D.196th IAP
1951-11-02Senior LieutenantShuliat'ev, A.I.18th GIAP
1951-11-04Senior LieutenantFilimonov V.P.523rd IAPRemains not recovered
1951-11-08Senior LieutenantTravin, A.F.196th IAP
1951-11-28CaptainShatalov, G.T.523rd IAP
1951-12-05Senior LieutenantRyzhkov, A.D.196th IAP
1951-12-05Senior LieutenantBaturov, A.I.18th GIAP
1952-01-06Senior LieutenantStepanov, V.G.18th GIAP
1952-01-16Senior LieutenantSapozhnikov, B.P.18th GIAP
1952-01-17Senior LieutenantFilippov, A.V.176th GIAP
1952-02-09Senior LieutenantTroitsky, I.I.16th IAP
1952-02-21Senior LieutenantKozhevnikov, A.P.16th IAP
1952-02-21Senior LieutenantShershakov, V.N.16th IAP
1952-02-22Senior LieutenantSavinov, E.P.16th IAP
1952-02-27Senior LieutenantDerevianko, L.P.256th IAP
1952-03-11Senior LieutenantIvanov, A.P.16th IAP
1952-03-11Senior LieutenantZenakov, N.I.494th IAP
1952-03-24Senior LieutenantFilippov, E.V.148th GIAP
1952-03-24CaptainLiubovinkin, P.S.148th GIAP
1952-04-01Senior LieutenantChernikov, N.I.821st IAP
1952-04-02Senior LieutenantVoronov, A. Ia.494th IAP
1952-04-13Senior LieutenantShebenko, V.M.494th IAP
1952-04-21CaptainNaumov, N.I.16th IAP
1952-04-21Senior LieutenantSelivanov, D.S.256th IAP
1952-04-21Senior LieutenantTolmatsky, S.A.256th IAP
1952-05-03Senior LieutenantEfremov, M.I.494th IAP
1952-05-20CaptainKalmanson, V.E.256th IAP
1952-05-25Senior LieutenantKrasulin, F.S.256th IAP
1952-05-27Senior LieutenantAkhmov282nd IAP
1952-05-31CaptainDenisov, I.F.821st IAP
1952-06-22Senior LieutenantPozhidaev, V.A.147th GIAP
1952-07-04Senior LieutenantShmagunov, V.V.821st IAP
1952-08-01CaptainGorobchenko, V.S.726th IAP
1952-08-01CaptainKostin, A.A.726th IAP
1952-08-01Senior LieutenantTsvetkov, L.M.726th IAP
1952-08-04Senior LieutenantKrutskikh, V.P.494th IAP
1952-08-05Senior Lieutenantlazev, S.S.16th IAP
1952-08-06Senior LieutenantKochetov, M.I.878th IAP
1952-08-20MajorShekhovtsov, A.A.726th IAP
1952-08-24CaptainPoltavets, G.M.147th GIAP
1952-08-31CaptainEremchenko, F.S.518th IAP
1952-09-04Senior LieutenantTitov, A.A.415th IAP
1952-09-04Senior LieutenantZatolokin, M.I.415th IAP
1952-09-07Senior LieutenantShikunov, I.M.535th IAP
1952-09-09CaptainPronin, K.P.147th GIAP
1952-09-09MajorSova, I.K.726th IAP
1952-09-09Senior LieutenantKapunov, I.I.726th IAP
1952-09-14CaptainChernavin, V.518th IAP
1952-09-15Senior LieutenantEfimov, I.V.676th IAP
1952-09-21Senior LieutenantShinaev, I.I.147th GIAP
1952-09-21CaptainBodnia, F.A.676th IAP
1952-09-26Senior LieutenantOrlov, A.G.878th IAP
1952-09-29Senior LieutenantMeshcheriakov, I.V.578th IAP
1952-10-03LieutenantFedorov, B.V.535th IAP
1952-10-09Senior LieutenantSvechkar', A.P.878th IAP
1952-10-11LieutenantPostnikov, I.I.578th IAP
1952-11-18Senior LieutenantBeliakov, N.M.781st IAP
1952-11-18Senior LieutenantPakhomkin, V.I.781st IAP
1952-11-18Senior LieutenantVandaev, A.I.781st IAP
1952-11-21MajorBogdanov, I.I.415th IAP
1953-01-14Senior LieutenantSokolov, N.P.224th IAP
1953-01-15Senior LieutenantMishchenko, V.M.726th IAP
1953-02-19Senior LieutenantSokolov, I.K.535th IAP
1953-03-08Senior LieutenantChepusov, D.I.878th IAP
1953-03-09Senior LieutenantRochikashvili, V.I.224th IAP
1953-03-09Senior LieutenantKuan, V.N.224th IAP
1953-03-14Senior LieutenantSedashev, V.N.518th IAP
1953-04-12Senior LieutenantMarkov, V.S.224th IAP
1953-04-22CaptainLazarev, V.N.224th IAP
1953-05-13LieutenantKamenshchikov, V.G.781st IAP
1953-05-18Senior LieutenantRybakov, K.A.518th IAP
1953-05-23CaptainGrishenchuk, V.L.913th IAP
1953-05-29CaptainPronin, I.V.415th IAP
1953-06-01Senior LieutenantTimoshin, V.S.781st IAP
1953-06-05Senior LieutenantTsarenko, V.F.781st IAP
1953-06-05Senior LieutenantPushkarev, B.V.781st IAP
1953-06-07Senior LieutenantDorokhov, S. L.535th IAP
1953-06-16CaptainPotapov, P.S.913th IAP
1953-06-18CaptainKriklivets, I.P.913th IAP
1953-06-18LieutenantKorshunov, B.V.518th IAP
1953-06-24CaptainAlikin, A.G.415th IAP
1953-06-29Lieutenant ColonelGorbunov, I.V.676th IAP
1953-07-12LieutenantGalin, A.I.224th IAP
1953-07-12CaptainBelov, V.M.781st IAP
1953-07-19LieutenantGerasimchuk, N.P.224th IAP

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  • Red Devils over the Yalu: A Chronicle of Soviet Aerial Operations in the Korean War 1950-53 by Stuart Britton & Igor Seidov


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